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RTRDMS: The Real Time Route Diversion Management System (RTRDMS) has two major subsystems.

Automatic Route Generator:
  • It consumes real-time traffic data as input and produces a list of feasible alternate routes for a given incident.
  • It ranks and assesses the quality of the generated alternative routes based upon internal simulation results.
Route Diversion Management subsystem:
  • It advises the TMC operator of the alternative routes and the quality of each route.
  • It assists the TMC operator in managing the alternate routes over the duration of the incident, including interaction with the DMS (Dynamic Message Sign) and HAR (Highway Advisory Radio) modules in SunGuide.
  • It provides an environment to manage past, current, and future diversion plans.

Live Data Source: It consists of two components:

  • C2C Module: This Center-to-Center (C2C) software was developed by SwRI to allow a SunGuide system to publish its data onto the network.
  • Publisher Plug-in: This software module continuously reads traffic data from a database, transforms the data to standard C2C XML data format, and sends them to the C2C Module.

SunGuide Adapter:

It receives data on traffic condition from SunGuide, and prepares the real-time travel times for RTRDMS. This modular software system enables RTRDMS to retrieve real-time traffic data seamlessly from a live data source.

For more information about SunGuide and the RTRDS: